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A Very Friendly Christmas

I hope your Christmas was merry and special; mine certainly was!

beautiful friends and a fabulous lunch

I cooked for a few good friends who either did not have family in Perth or did not have lunch plans with family. I have done this once before, in Broome for Christmas 2003. This year, we had an outdoor Christmas tree, helium balloons, golden ‘hay’, the conga line of forgetfulness, ample alcohol, Trivial Pursuit and far too much fabulous food.

In case you are interested, I have shared the menu below [note that the icecream dessert was lovingly prepared by my friend David]. The dukkha, pork loin, roast vegetable salad and icecream plum pudding recipes will follow in future posts.

christmas menu

to start

olive ciabatta with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and hazelnut dukkha
fig bread with chicken liver and green peppercorn pate
wasabi peas
salted and caramelised spiced nuts
really dodgy Christmas lolly mix

the main event

pork loin stuffed with cranberries, macadamias, garlic and sea salt
smashed rosemary-infused potatoes
cold meats: turkey with cranberry sauce; roast beef with dijon mustard
salad of pear, walnut, gorgonzola, butter lettuce, rocket
roast vegetable salad with pine nuts and haloumi, raspberry dressing

to finish

icecream plum pudding
fresh summer berries and seedless grapes
pink peppercorn icecream
chocolate ganache & roast coffee bean tartlets

to take home

russian teacakes
christmas truffles

I made 78 chocolate truffles

What we were drinking: Edgcombe Brothers sparkling chardonnay, Tahbilk Marsanne, an amazing red I can’t remember the name of, port, gicointronics.

What we were listening to: everything from Beady Belle to Dimitri from Paris – after the requisite Christmas carol CDs, of course.

Thank you to my wonderful friends who lunched, dinnered and dropped by to inject extra twinkle & sparkle into my Christmas. You are all awesome.

H :)

27 December 2009 at 6:00am 6 comments

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